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When children play, they thrive.
And the whole world thrives with them.
Remember when you were a child? When your bed was a rocket ship, your playground a jungle, and a big cardboard box held more fun than anything inside it. Play is a child’s superpower, and it’s going to help them make their mark on the world.

Play makes us…us.

Children need play today to give them the means to solve the problems of tomorrow, but fewer and fewer children in cities have the time or the space to play!

We are the Real Play Coalition.

The Real Play Coalition is a non-profit alliance formed in 2018. Together, we are inspiring and connecting a movement of people and organisations that have the power to give 100 million children more access to play.

Come play with us

We want to build a world filled with more time, spaces and opportunities to play. If you want to learn how to make your city a more child-friendly place, or bring play to life in an ingenious way, we want to hear from you!

Latest from the Real Play Coalition

Five Years of Play !

Through five years of events and collaboration, ground-breaking research and thought leadership, practical tools and global competitions for urban practitioners and cities, the Real Play Coalition has inspired and connected a movement of people and organisations that provide millions of children with more time and space for play. Read some of the highlights of five years of play.

It’s not just fun and games. Play develops in children the holistic skills they need to face life’s challenges
Euan Wilmshurst, the LEGO foundation.
Play is about much more than building playgrounds. It requires a cultural shift, a combination of time, space, and facilitation. Efforts to encourage play must infuse all urban systems and occur at all levels of society
Jerome Frost, Arup

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